Housing Europe shares the social aspect of shared mobility in housing developments

Last week, we interviewed Clara Mafé from one of our project partners Housing Europe about who they are and what they intend to achieve within the SHARE-North Squared INTERREG Project. Housing Europe is the European Federation of public, social and corporate housing and as such the federation represents multiple national housing organizations. What attracted you to become a […]

Carsharing and innovative parking bylaws: creating triple win solutions through collaboration between cities, car sharing, and housing providers

Eighty participants from municipalities, the housing industry, and car-sharing providers responded to the invitation from the Federal Car Sharing Association (BCS) and the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen to attend the “Carsharing and Innovative Parking Bylaws in Real Estate Developments” conference on January 17, 2024, in Bremen. The event was sponsored by SHARE-North Squared – […]

What are 12 square meters worth?

This year, the 6th Shared Mobility Rocks Symposium in Brussels was a particularly special one with a true rock festival flair: amazing performers, good vibes, creative and interactive sessions, noise, crowds, food trucks and a healthy dose of chaos. That also goes for the Interreg North Sea Programme SHARE-North Squared project’s session at the Symposium […]

Project Meeting: Helsingborg 🤘

From the 17th until the 19th of October, all project partners came together to discuss our projects and brainstorm on the future of the SHARE-North Squared project. As innovators, it was only fitting that our meeting was held in the Swedish city of Helsingborg. A city known for its innovation, getting second place in the […]

Preparing future plans at our Summer Academy

End of August 2023, the SHARE-North Squared partners assembled in the green outskirts of Bremen to take a deep dive into the future plans of the project. This ‘Summer Academy’ meetings allow us to leave project administration aside and focus on content and planning. During different sessions we zoomed in on different aspects of the […]

SHARE-North Squared has launched!

On February 14, 2023 – Valentine’s Day – the SHARE-North Squared consortium met for the first time in Bremen. Until December 2026, the 16 project partners will connect shared mobility with the real estate environment. SHARE-North Squared is part of the Interreg North Sea Programme, co-funded by the European Union. Two days of partner meeting made clear that […]