Preparing future plans at our Summer Academy

End of August 2023, the SHARE-North Squared partners assembled in the green outskirts of Bremen to take a deep dive into the future plans of the project. This ‘Summer Academy’ meetings allow us to leave project administration aside and focus on content and planning. During different sessions we zoomed in on different aspects of the project.

  • We prepared our session at Shared Mobility Rocks 2024, the unconventional symposium on shared mobility organised by Mpact and #SMR2024 will take place on February 6 in Brussels. Save the date! 🤘
  • As a project we want to educate and inspire architects and planners to integrate shared mobility and mobility management into housing development. In order to do so, we started crafting shared mobility training seminars for this target group.
  • The City of Utrecht organised a workshop to identify which parameters influence the different forms of shared mobility.
  • The City of Stavanger presented how public transport provider Kolumbus delivers a holistic mobility concept in Stavanger.
  • Mpact led a workshop about podcasting because [drumroll] the project will be launching its own podcast about good practices! Stay tuned! 🎙️