Housing Europe’s Annual Conference

One of SHARE-North Squared partners: Housing Europe would like to invite you to participate in Housing Europe’s Annual Conference, this year focusing on The Nature of Housing: Biodiversity and Climate Adaptation in Public, Cooperative and Social Housing.

The event, which is co-organised with AEDES (Association of Dutch Social Housing Companies), Hilversum City and Museum Het Schip, is taking place on 06 June 2024 in Amsterdam as part of the 100th anniversary of the World Garden Cities Conference, first organised in 1924.

Cornelia Cordes (Bremen) and Esther de Reys (autodelen) will perform the ‘What can we do with 12 m²?’ dice exercise. An interactive SHARE-North Squared session which makes people think about the space car parking takes up in our daily life. 

The event will be a space to discuss how to meet the need to build more affordable housing without compromising nature. Taking space back . from cars and facilitating active and sustainable mobility can play a key role in the greening of housing development and improving access to services.

Other speakers at the event will include Carlos Moreno (creator of the 15-minute city concept), Alina-Stefania Ujupan (New European Bauhaus) and others.

For housing companiesthe 05 June there will be an excursion to Utrecht (Overvecht-Noord district) followed by a Peer2Peer exchange session amongst social housing providers at the Oproer Brouwerij.


If you wish to attend, you can now register here.

For more information and questions, feel free to contact Clara Mafé at clara.mafe@housingeurope.eu.

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